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Deicide - 1995 Once Upon The Cross

: Roadrunner Records
1. Once Upon The Cross
2. Christ Denied
3. When Satan Rules His World
4. Kill The Christian
5. Trick Or Betrayed
6. They Are The Children Of The Underworld
7. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
8. To Be Dead
9. Confessional Rape


1. Once Upon The Cross

Once Upon The Cross

Fear Him, Fear Him, Fear Him... Satan

Nazarene In The Valley Of Persuasion
To Receive Last Temptations From Lord Satan
"take A Bite" Said The Serpent "eat Of It"
Without No Choice To Do So, You Cannot Resist

Impaled Crucifixion
Compassion Forgot
Eternal Damnation
Once Upon A Cross

Blasphemy Laughs At Thee
Jesus You've Been Deceived
Struggling On The Cross
Gagging To Breathe
Despite Your God, Question Why
You Were Retrieved By The Angel Of Light

Kill Him, Kill Him, Kill Him... Satan

Nazarene Screaming On His Crucifixion
Prophecy In Its Final Contradiction
When You Die Is When The Lie Will Be Believed
Upon The Cross, Before The World To See

Once Upon The Cross

2. Christ Denied

Congregation Congregated In His House Of God
Entombed By Their Almighty Savior
Revelations Misinterpreted Ignite His Flame
Removed From The Human Equation

Retreat To Death In Burning Flesh
His Dead Disciples And Their Son Of God
Incineration Of Their Prophecy
Destroyed In Failure

You're Unannounced And You're Unobserved
No Longer Worshipped In His World
Apocalypse On Insanity
Self Destruction Of Hypocrisy

Suffering Is Yours, No Tomorrow
Killed With Reason, Unbelieved In
In Conception, You Were Warned
Resurrection, Christ Denied

Congregation Immolated With His Bastard Son
Confused By The Rules Of Engagement
Impregnating You Defamated Your Grace With God
Refused Are The Gates To Salvation

3. When Satan Rules His World

Open The Door Jehovah You Whore
I Am The Servant Of Who Rules This World
Archnemesis Of Your Light
One Look At Me And You Know He Is I

Run Away When Confronted With Satan
Always Here And Forever Will Be
Your Concern For My Lord Is Becoming
Defecate On Your Book Of Belief

Door To Door Soliciting War
Feeble Man With Salvation As Sword
Disturb And See You Will Die
For I Am Of Him In His World You're Confined

Why Try? World Dies, Christ Hides
When Satan Rules His World
Disease, Run Free, Killing
When Satan Rules His World
Religion, Infliction, Obscene
When Satan Rules His World
Witness, Dismissed, Executed
When Satan Rules His World

4. Kill The Christian

You Are The One We Despise
Day In Day Out Your Words Compromise Lives
I Will Love Watching You Die
Soon It Will Be And By Your Own Demise

Buried In Hypocrisy
Lacerate Your Faith In God
Morally Diseased
On The Cross Of Calvary Your Body Bashed, Defeated, Stabbed

Blessing As You Hate
Loyal To Your Enemies
Monetary Faith
As Him You'll Pay For The Lies Of Your Prophecy
Satan Wants You Dead

Kill The Christian, Kill The Christian
Kill The Christian, Kill The Christian
Kill The Christian, Kill The Christian
Kill The Christian

Armies Of Darkness Unite
Destroy Their Temples And Churches With Fire
Where In His World Will You Hide
Sentenced To Death, The Anointment Of Christ

In Due Time Your Path Leads To Me
Put You Out Of Your Misery

The Death Of Prediction
Kill The Christian

Kill The Christian...dead!

5. Trick Or Betrayed

They Will Say That He Loves You, He Don't
From Their Bible They're Controlled
His Descent They Expect In Our Life
They'll Be Waiting Till They Die
Disembark From Their Path Of Belief
If In Turn Will Set You Free
Cannot Live With The Fact That They're Wrong
That There Is No Truth In God

Trick Or Betrayed
Their Faith Ends In Pain
Rip Up Their Bible Before Is(its?) Too Late
Time We Undo Unity
For It Is For Fools
In This World We Don't Need

Trick Or Betrayed

I Think You Should Know
They Know It's True
That Their Book Is A Hoax
Join Us To See Through The Light
Christ Is A Scheme And Will Ruin Your Life

Trick Or Betrayed

Why Insist On The Cross Died For Us
His Infliction Never Was
They Assume That His Death Brought Them Life
To Be Dead Will Change Their Minds
When You See What You Feel Is Not Real
Disappointment Is Revealed
Cannot Live With The Fact That They;re Wrong
There Is No Such Thing As God

6. They Are The Children Of The Underworld

In The Creation Of Anu Were Spawned
Born Of The Earth Before They're Known
Evade Destruction In Their World Below
Their Hands Reach For Our Place Outside
Bestow Their Suffering On Human Life
Nothing Will Stop Them From Re-entering
Return To Hatred In The Heart Of Man

They Are The Children Of The Underworld
Before The Heavens They Were On The Earth
To Desolation And Were Never Heard
"cry Rebirth"
Lords Of The Plague, Seven Are They
Born In The Mountain Of Mashu's Magic
Spirits Of Hate, They Have No Name
Withered And Wicked, The Liars In Wait

In The Creation Of Anu Were Spawned
With Deadly Vengeance From The Ancient Gods
Their Place On Earth, Their Race Unknown
Beyond The Knowledge Of The Elder Ones
Provoking With Our Blood To Rise
The Seven Offspring For The Sacrifice
Reclaim The Power Of The Crown Of Death
Enter The Body From The Temple Dead

7. Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise

Disemboweled On The Altar Jesus Christ
Entrails In The Pentagram Circle
Spill His Blood And Reversing Catholic Humn
Invocate The Onslaught Of Satan

Master Lord Lucifer
From Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
Drink Ourselves As You Feed
His Offering Of Purity

Bible Bleed, Hell On Earth Has Been Achieved
Thou Will Fail Before Lord Satan
Casting Sin, Pissing On Their Crucifix
Stepping Forth Into His Creation

Master Lord Lucifer
From Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise
Walk His Earth, Invade In Pain
His Christians Become The Enslaved

What Was Once Is Never More
Infernal Lord Father Restored
Blinding Priest In Disbelief
Revenge Onto God He Has Sworn

8. To Be Dead

Destroy The Corpse And Release My Mind
The Secrets Contemplate The Other Side
It Won't Be Long Until The Death Of Me
A Spirit Conscious Of Reality

To Be Dead Is To Always Be
Close My Eyes And Return To Sand
To Be Dead Is To Always Dream
Coherent Thought But Unseen By Man

Invisible To Human Sight
The Consequences In His Afterlife
Across The Line From The Ignorant
Inside My Mind I Do Not Know Sin

To Be Dead Is To Always Be
Open-eyed In A Sleeping Mind
To Be Dead Is To Always Dream
I'm Prepared For My Turn To Die

Inflicting Sorrow On The Enemy
And To Everyone Who Doubted Me
My Constant Presence Will Torment The Soul
As I Stand Watching In The Other World

To Be Dead Is To Always Be
Untied From The Living Flesh
To Be Dead Is To Always Dream
Unforgiven When I Meet With Death

9. Confessional Rape

Father Integrity, Perverted Secrecy
Molesting Innocent Children You're Trusted With
What Is Vowed You Cannot Live, Unbound By Celibence
Indulge In Sacrilege, To Serve Unto Satan

Manipulate Through Threats Of God's Hate
Abhorrently Extorted
Molest The Faith, Confessional Rape
Denial Is Aborted

Exploit The Flesh Of Christian Descent
Incesting Consent
Alter Your Life From Behind The Light
Master Lord Satan Decides

Father Hypocrisy, Exerting Fantasy
Persuading Innocent Children To Where You Live
What Is Vowed Does Not Exist, You Are In Debt To Sin
Apologize And Plead, Begging God For Mercy

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