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Therm Eye Flame - 2002 Solar Nebula

: Black Metal : More Hate Productions
1. Outlet Of A New Day
2. Sojourn In...
3. Sixteen Levels Whip Cord
4. Organism Of Two Forms
5. Gates Of The Silent Waters Ravage
6. Meteor Streams
7. M.w,m.r.
8. After Damping The Sun


1. Outlet Of A New Day

It Has Come,
The Outlet Of A New Day
Deafened By The Roar Of Rocket Turbines.
Red Lights Rushed Upwards...

Hundred Spaceships
Leave Their Home
Our Way Lies To The Stars,
To Another Worlds And Planets.

Only Space Is Around Us
There's No Way Back From Here.
Only Stars Are Around Us
That We Are To Comprehend.

The Outlet Of A New Day
Together With Your Rays
We Dissolve
Into Obscure Void...

2. Sojourn In...

Crystals' Peal
Sphere Is More Turbid Than Mica
Black Points
Boil Up In Its' Bosom

Scales In Eyes
Speechless Delirium
Rumble Inside The Sphere's Womb
Has Come To Life Under The Cold Shroud
Horrible Is Its Face...

World That We Arrived At
Was Found To Be Our Grave

Powerful Jerks Inside
Tear The Sphere Into Pieces
Screams Raise The Ancient Horror
Voice Is Continuous Buzz
Has Wraped About The Whole Space

Rumble And Screams Have Died Away
Milliards Of Immortal Stars
And His Hand Leads Me
A New Way

3. Sixteen Levels Whip Cord

Their Sound Rips My Brain.
Their Power Draws My Body Into The Darkness.
My Blood Flows Into The Space.
Electric Spasm,
My Mind Is Killed.

Ripple Squeezes Me.

Acrid Sound,
Cold And Pain,

Sixteen Levels Whip Cord.

Struggle Weakens.
My Skin Has Turned Into A Bloody Rag.
Muscles Are Moveless.
My Death Is Just The First Level Of Transformation Into Them.

Noise Of Channels.
Cold And Pain
Have Devoured My Cells.

They Struck Into Me.

Faces From The Ripple Are Calling
The Channels' Structure Is Open
I Come In.

4. Organism Of Two Forms

No Pain, No Breath,
No Feelings, No Exit.
Stream Of Light Takes Me.
I Feel,i See
Boundless Reality

I See Everything,but Don't See Myself.

Organism Of Two Forms
It Can't Be Real,
It Can't Be Truth...
Organism Of Two Forms
Freedom In Everything.

5. Gates Of The Silent Waters Ravage

I'm At The Gates
At The Getes Of Ravage
The Whole Planet Here
Is Absorbing Me.
The Planet Without Ground.

Huge Waves
Strike Against Each Other
Only Water Is Here,here Is Only Pain.

Devours Me Into The Depths Of Morbid Reason,
Through Which I See Red Colour Of Dark Waters.

Feel No Ground Under
The Whole Atmosphere Is Full Of Malice.

I'm At The Gates Of Silent Waters Ravage.

6. Meteor Streams

Of Rushing Souls
Are Lost In A Roar And Blazing Radiance
Of A Star.

Seconds Of This Kind
Are Passing Into Thousand Years
Of Diving Into The Depths Of This World.

Meteor Streams.

You Are So Beautiful
Through The Light,through The Shadows
You Shoot Past
Going Away
Leaving Me A Fraction Of You.

I Want To Know Your Way!
But With Every Moment
Your Silhouette Grows Dim And Smaller
In A Blazing Light Of A Star.

Meteor Streams.

7. M.w,m.r.

Here Is The Future...
Milliard Wings,milliard Ruins.
Deserts Of Dust
Cover The Planets.

This View Has No Bright Colours Of Life,
Of Life Without War.

Here Is The Day Without Dawn And Sunset,
Only Darkness Rules Over These Worlds.
The Scraps Of Bright Life In Chaos And Black Dust.

War Has Raised Monuments To Eternal Emptyness,
In Which There's No Place For Love,
In Which There'are No Hopes,no Happyness.

8. After Damping The Sun

Ashes Of Life Die Out In A Cosmic Haze
Cold After Damping The Sun.

Fading Into Darkness
The Time Has Come To Vanish In Emptiness

Once They Dreamt Of Conquering The Worlds...

Ashes Of Life Die Out In A Cosmic Haze
Cold After Damping The Sun.

They Imagined They Wore The Greatest
But They Forgot About Their Nonentity.
And Now In A Frozen Depths
The Ice Covers Them Layer By Layer.

Monotonous Wordless Call
Breacks The Silence In Icy Bosom.
They Lie Doubled Up In Imprisonment
Waiting For The Long End.

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