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Cenotaph - 1996 Voluptuously Minced

: Hammer Muzik
1. Less Than Human Urinal
2. Life Immortal
3. Different Dimensional Pervertation
4. Revenge
5. Voluptuously Minced
6. Sourve Of Suspicions
7. Chorus Throttled
8. Middle Ages


1. Less Than Human Urinal

Love Is Worthless Vomit, Rotten And Putrified, Tastes Like A Bloody
Excrement Which Existance Is Lessthan Human Urinal.
All Feelings Suffocate With A Sudden Ignition In Chaos,
About The Beginning Of Lunacy, Wet Pussy, Minced Pussy;
When Avaible Makes Sadistic Repressed Feelings Always With Me.
True Way To Show Your Life Is Pissing Of Diarrhoeatic Bloody Orgasm.

Impertinent Prostitute, Sardonic Wohr Saunter,
Pour Out Your Vaginal Liquid With A Squeal.
Your Ripen Fucker Gives No Chance To Probation,
He Only Follows The Prucedure And Gathers His Ghastly Fury.
Forsake His Mind Otherwise With The Emancipation Of Dark Thoughts,
The Emotion Of The Most Horrifying One Will Embrace Your Drawsy Body
Like A Sharp Vibrator Which Penetrates Erotic Holes Other Then Knowns.
Drama Of Your Weep Will Come An End Fater
The Injection Through Your Ears Indirectly Your Brain.
You'll Shrick In Desperation, You'll Be Fearfully Perturbed.
Inspect Your Body If You Have Lost Any Part Of It.
Benumbed Shredded Lustly, No Induction Is Passible Medically.
Your Fool Badtor Cries, He Also Mournes Because Of Impossibility
For Fucking Whereas Your Precious Fucker Has Already Found A Vagina.
You Know?

2. Life Immortal

Meanningless Life Before Death, With Your Sensuality Everyday We Sailed.
Have You Ever Felt My End, Can You Stop For Fight Inside,
Are You Living For Nothing, Can You Stop The Lying Man Inside?
Everyday Is Lost For Anything To Get,
Everything Is Called For Us In Death,
Always Something We Tried To Get
And Always Wanted To Be Something We Are Rot...

Something We Had Has Gone.

Inside But Something We Have Immortal Behind.
Rathless Minds Affected By Sadistic Rules; Safty Is Lost, Falsety Is Lust.
Infurlated Hybrophobics, Know Your End, Remember Your Inprisonation Implicitly.
Your Claustrophobic Miserable Souls Fly Illogically,
Imbectily, Immortally In An Immensive Vacansy.
Ethically Sad But Drawned With A Pad;
Blinded Blotted By A Bloody Qualm.
Radical Tormentors Are Tremulous In Life, Treason To Your Country,
Transfix Your People.
You'll Be Vanquished At The End.
Your Yearned End Is Submission To Us Subconscously You Are Succumbed.

3. Different Dimensional Pervertation

Fall Of Scares All Many Eyes, Pessimism With Emptiness.
Occasion To Vomit My Humanity,
Initial Obligation Drags My Brain
Innocent Face, Unknown Bodies And My Disgraced Soul
Collaborate And Decide That Your Suggestion Will Be
'cause For Your Suffocation.
That Time I'll Be Sucseeded In My Satisfying
My Pathological Pervertation By Suffering From Your Eyes
And Going On Piercing Your Body Parts
Noticing The Guttural Voices Coming From Your Shredded Neck.

After A While Condonation Stops, Aspersion Begins;
Cadaverous Aghasted Agoraphobics Become Anxious.
Ablazed Abominable Testis Has An Abstruse Concelt,
Tustles Me, Creates Confusion,
Unattainable End Which Is Abstained The Taste Of The Venom The Verdict They Say,
Sterillizing Your Muckut Straddling An A Rampart.
The Urfority Is Pouring Blood And Laughing With Proud!

4. Revenge

In My Dreams, No My Nightmares; In The Sea Hate With The Absence Of Fate.

Blind Eyes Crying With Blood, Like A Vomit Extinguishing My Flammy Repulsion.
Hold The Broken Flask Filled With A Sexual Organ's Liquid,
Boiling Tender, Arises Hunger, Reminds My Temper.
Then Submerged Fantasies Unheard Come Close To My Mind;
Undoubted Sophism But Real Necrophylism.
An Ache Begins Inside,
Spreads Through All Veins Caused By The Zephyr Of Damantion,
Yielding A Substantial Anger,
Makes Me Loose My Will Then O Visual Dream Appears,
A Pretty Child Is Smiling To Me.
Being Defeated In These Meanningless Morbid Dimensions,
Vaccinating Blood, Bestial Bellow, Mouldy Saw.
Realization Of What;
The Inflamation Inside Gets Bigger
With An Increasing Acceleration Which Is A Varacious Manner Of Torture.
Displeased Demands Of A Morbid Mind
Are Never Satisfied With An Unsaturated Solition Of A Child's Cerebraliquid And His Foetusfull Urine.
Turn The Skin Inside Out,
Lick The Vein Veiled With Blood.
Button Up His Torn Body With A Rusty Needle,
Vibarate The Slender Body,
Attach The Penis Inside The Diseased Porsions
Then Lick Again Not Only The Secretions But Lemphic As Well.
Make It Pour, Taste Its Sour...

5. Voluptuously Minced

Pulverizing The Mouth Of Vagina, Klitoral Orgasm Sufficient Anathema,
Perished Body Inapt To Incest.
Cerebral Smell, Unhearable Scum,
Vains Carrying A Penetrator Calumniated By A Lurel Mind.
Ulterior Motive Arises Upwards,
Sick Minds In Humanial Luquid,
Undiminished Glutton Demands, Usurps, Throttled, Collapses.
Repugnant Deceiver Prostrates With Spoiling Muscular Tissues.
Drilling Drastically Beseecher's Backbone, Into Her Marrows.
Mucous Legendary Asshole, Whose Haemorrhoids Are Smashed Lustly, Haemorrhage Begins, Horrifies

6. Sourve Of Suspicions

My Own Sick World, Dreaming Of Desperations;
Desperations Create Hatreds In Our Dark Souls And Suspicions In My Existence.
Torment, Subconciously, Image Of Misery, Image Of Death, Havent You Realized Yet?
Our Souls Are Sinner.
While We Are Returning Back Followings Are Felt:
Fear Of Life,
Birth Of Decay,
Rising Idolization But Indefinite Source Of Us,
Infinite Amount Of Wrath.
Fetid Huge Minced Philantrophics Gush Out Their Grudge
And These Kind Of Loatsome Ideas
Should Only Be The Products Of Morbid Mind.
Aversion To A Mentally Bandaged Mutual Supporteds,
Confronting Aggrogan Babtists.
Their Babtism Makes You Follow The Path Of Your Slavery.
Acquesce The Agonizing Ache Inside;
It's Because Of Your Conceit And Surrounds You Like Borbed.
Adoring This False Movement, A Pain Is Felt From Down Abdomen,
Babling Of A Red Liquid Down My Legs Into Basin On Which I Am Standing.
Maximum Appetite I Have Ever Had Is Satisfied By Fantasies On My Mind.
My False Mind...

7. Chorus Throttled

[effects Of Endovaginal Masturbation With Utopic Fantasies Of A Chorus Whom Are Throttled And Fired And Located In A Cenotaph.]

8. Middle Ages

Darl Tales Of Middle Ages, Scent Blood And Hate; Injustices With Theft.
Voices From Torture Dungeon, Guardians With Black Mask, Irontongs On Fire.
Diabolical Looks Of Tormentors, Fearness Dreams Of Imprisoners.
Pain And Agony, Killers Of Shouts, Suffocaters Of Cries, Satisfy Shouting Revenge Dungeon.
Servitude Abases The Human Conscience, Confiscates The Conniving Slaves.
Aggrogance Of Carcass Remains Show Their Anger With A Strong Congeal.
Taste The Cold But Ardent Carver Can Easily Chop You In Two In A Minute Then Easily Be Commemorated.
Bowling Girl, Increases His Appetitle, Amorphous Vagina Caused By Pulverizing,
Became Turbid With Her Breasts Then Klitoris Consequently.
Chewing Her Soft Klito, Feeling Her Hot Capillary Vessels.
Toilsome Torture Goes On And The Last And The Worst Mistake She Has Ever Done,
Misfortunate Of Others, Agonizing Bodies Of Minority.
Maltreat Of The Mankind, First Push The Tongue Into The Maidens Pussy Then Bite Hardly With A Gorment.
Listen Her Last Cries As A Hymn
As A Satisfactory Orgasm Makes It Wargasm Consequently On Your Mind,
Then Leaves You With An Unbearable Sophisticated Apoplexy.

Reincarnation In Gorextasy 2007 Unmatched Brutality Records
Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium 2003 United Guttural Records
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Voluptuously Minced 1996 Hammer Muzik





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